6. Enough and Too

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American English Videos/Fixing Common Errors/6. Enough and Too
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Autor American English at State
Área Comunicación y Lenguaje L 3, Inglés
Tipo de licencia Estándar de YouTube
Formato Vídeo
Responsable de curación Editor
Última actualización 2016/05/02
Localización https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43tLbNyaRXY

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0:07 Hi, I'm Anne, and I speak American English.
0:11 I'm a student, and I like to read and learn about languages.
0:16 Today, we will learn about "too" and "enough."
0:23 Last year, I tried to learn how to play the guitar.
0:30 At first, I played too slowly, so the songs were not fast enough.
0:35 (Slow acoustic guitar music playing)
0:44 It was so difficult to learn, and I thought I was making too many mistakes.
0:53 And sometimes the music I played was too loud.
0:57 My family told me to lower the sound.
1:01 (Loud electric guitar music playing)
1:06 But I practiced enough to become a better guitar player.
1:14 Eventually, I knew enough songs to play all day,
1:18 and now I can play my favorite rock song.
1:21 (Electric guitar music playing)
1:27 So how do we use "too" and "enough"?
1:29 Too means "more than what is needed."
1:33 It can be used before an adjective or before an adverb.
1:37 For example: This music is too loud. It hurts my ears.
1:44 The student did his homework too quickly. Many of his answers were incorrect.
1:53 When used before the words "much" and "many,"
1:56 "too" can also be used with both uncountable and countable nouns.
2:02 With uncountable nouns, we use "too much," such as "I ate too much cake at the party, so I felt sick"
2:17 Before countable nouns, we use "too many."
2:21 There are too many students in the classroom. Not everyone has a seat.
2:31 "Enough" means "as much as needed."
2:33 It can be used after an adjective or adverb or before a noun.
2:41 For example, it's warm enough outside to lie on the beach.
2:46 She did well enough on the exam to pass.
2:49 I bought enough food for all of my friends.
2:58 Now, it's your turn. Click pause, and choose "too" or "enough."
3:23 Question of the week: Have you ever felt that something was too difficult to learn?
3:34 This is American English.
3:36 Thank you for watching.

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